UDP32S - UDP Encoder
Networked 32 input UDP and serial string generator with automation & SNMP

Closures in - UDP and/or serial out

The Etherstuff UDP32S UDP encoder generates UDP and/or serial text strings when one of its 32 inputs is triggered.

Download user manuals, SNMP MIB, and software from our Support page.

The UDP32S has 32 inputs – short an input to ground a nd the UDP32S generates the corresponding (user-programmable) UDP string – the same string of characters (full ascii support) is also sent out to both serial ports. Configuration is super easy – the unit supports DHCP so you just plug it in and the network configuration is automatic or you can manually program the IP address and other network particulars. The built-in webserver allows you to set up a text string (up to 32 characters) for each of the 32 inputs.

UDP32S by Etherstuff

  • Just $349
    • 32 Input UDP and Serial String Generator with SNMP, NTP, and automation.
    • Quick and Easy setup thanks to DHCP and intuitive web interface.
    • Supports realtime SNMP monitoring.
    • 32 inputs generate 32 different programmal UDP strings.
    • Global delay setting allows for consistent delay of UDP commands.
    • Common prefix string can be (optionally) applied to all UDP strings.
    • Dual UDP destinations – plus each UDP string can go to a different port.
    • Pico-XDS and XtremeSat Media tested.
    • Logs input events with timestamp.
    • One Year Limited Warranty

The UDP-32S has a built-in real-time clock, with configurable DST options and NTP update capability. The clock is used for two major features: input logging, and time-based events. The UDP32S has built-in SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) support for centralized monitoring. The unit’s time, input status,and settings are continually available in standard format for your SNMP monitoring system, and the unit can issue SNMP traps when input triggers occur.

List Price: $349.00

Photos, specs and additional information about this product available here in PDF.
Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, download it here

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