Ethermometer - Network thermometer
Networked Temperature Monitor with eMail & SNMP
Monitors, records, graphs temperature remotely

The Etherstuff ET-2 Ethermometer graphs temperature
on a built-in web server, emails temperature
alarms and monitors two contact closure alarms.

Download free user manuals, SNMP MIB, and software from our Support page.

The ethermometer is a temperature monitoring device that monitors ambient or spot temperatures, graphs the values on its self-contained graphing webserver, and emails or alerts you with SNMP if the values go outside the user-set high and low limits. The stock ethermometer includes one temperature probe with two logic "closure" inputs for monitoring dry contact closures from external devices or switches. The status of the closures is also viewable via webpage.

Ethermometer by Etherstuff

  • Lots of New Features - Still Just $249
    • Graphing Temperature Webserver
    • Email and/or SNMP Trap alerts
    • Quick and Easy setup thanks to DHCP and DNS Lookup
    • Supports realtime SNMP monitoring
    • Also monitors two external dry contact closures via web, email or SNMP
    • Includes –30 to 150 degrees F probe
    • Built-In Real–Time Clock for timestamp of data
    • Configurable email server alerts you to external closures and out of tolerance temperatures.
    • Program alarm thresholds for emailed temperature alerts.
    • Configurable closure alarms can be set up for normally open or normally closed circuits.
    • Separate email destinations for temperature and closure alerts.
    • One Year Limited Warranty

Configuration is super easy – the ethermometer supports DHCP so you just plug it in and the network configuration is automatic or you can manually program the IP address and other network particulars. Our Etherset utility allows you to enter the serial number of your device and retrieve (or set) the IP address so you can access the data and setup webpages. The ethermometer also supports dns lookup for the destination email server so you don't have to know the destination server's IP address to set up the email functions. Also new is SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) support for centralized monitoring. The ethermometer's temperature and closure status are continually available in standard format for your SNMP monitoring system.

The email capabilities of the ethermometer require access to and use of an SMTP server, knowledge of the SMTP server name or IP address, plus a valid destination email address.

 *Important Notice regarding email functionality:

The Ethermometer and Ethermometer RHT use SMTP open relay to send email messages to your email server.  The embedded processor we used for these devices was not capable of supporting a standard email client (with authentication) implementation.  If you are using gmail, yahoo mail, or many other email ISPs, the ethermometer’s emails will be blocked by your email server.  Some providers allow for IP address-based pass through, but many do not.  If your organization has its own email server, you may be able to configure it to whitelist (and pass) email from the ethermometer.

 The ethermometer and ethermometer RHT products do support SNMP, and HTTP/web browser for collection/review of temperature (or temperature and humidity) data.  These functions are not affected by the email limitations of the device.

 We are currently developing the next generation of the ethermometer, on new hardware – which will fully support secured email client operation.  We expect to have the new product ready to ship in 2015.

List Price: $249.00

Photos, specs and additional information about this product available here in PDF.
Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, download it here

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