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PF-1 Power Failure Sensor Info $29.00

PF-1 - Power Failure Sensor for ET-2 Ethermometer
PF-1 Power Failure Sensor accessory for Ethermometer (ET-2 or ET-2RHT)
Provides closure to UPS-protected ET-2 when Power Fails

Photos, specs and additional information about this product available here in PDF.
Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, download it here

  • Accessory for the ET-2 and ET-2RHT Ethermometer models
    • Connects to one of the Ethermometer's Closure Inputs.
    • When power fails, the PF-1 provides a closure to the UPS-protected Ethermometer.
    • The Ethermometer power supply must be connected to UPS-protected power and the PF-1 must plug into non-protected power.
    • Alerts from the Ethermometer warn you that commercial power has failed.
    • Very Simple - The PF-1 just an enclosed N/C relay powered by a wall-wart.
  • Note: Your internet access equipment and connection must also be available during the power outage for the ET-2/PF-1 to function properly.

Only $29.00ea.

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